Scarlet Oak

Another birthday celebration dining entry! It feels like it’s never ending, and there is in no way a complaint! I spent the evening with a group of close friends at the swanky, yet cozy Scarlet Oak in SW, DC. That area is really booming now with lot bars and restaurants (and a great ice cream shop) right around Nats Park. But back to the food!

Rib Eye Steak | Scarlet Oak

We started off with a round of cocktails, followed by a nice bottle of pinot noir and appetizers including calamari, Brussels sprouts, and curry shrimp. It was a potpourri of flavors and all were delicious. I only have to examples of entree’s, mostly because I was only able to take a pic of what was in front of me and what one of my friends was eating next to me. Let’s start with the steak. It was a 12oz rib eye with a celery root puree and broccoli rabe. Even though he ordered it medium-well (a big no-no), the steak was still tender, juicy and delicious.

Brisket Ravioli | Scarlet Oak

I ordered the brisket ravioli. One of my girlfriends and I originally were going to split it along with a salad, but her husband talked us into ordering the dish for ourselves. I’m glad he did. I cleared my plate in no time. The sauce was light and the brisket was tender. It was such a nice twist on a meat filled pasta. I was very fortunate to be able to have such a great dinner with a great group. Time to move on to our next stop, dessert!

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