Friday Things

Au Bon Pain Box Lunch

My birthday celebrations are almost over.  I’ve had a glorious week of celebrating with friends and co-workers and I have one more day of celebrating to go.  I’m pretty lucky.

As I’ve probably mentioned before, I’ve also eaten my weight in food and I’m determined to wear a bathing suit this summer, so guess who was super happy to have discovered these little Mediterranean box lunches from Au Bon Pain?  I also found something similar at Whole Foods.  This is going to be my new obsession, so this weekend I’m going to buy a bento box and make these myself at home.

I’ve been in the mood to spruce up my kitchen lately and have my eye on these canisters from West Elm.  They also have cute pots and pans now, and even wedding registry. Who knew?

My sweet tooth has been running rampant lately, so instead of candy, I have banana chips, honey sesame sticks and yogurt covered pretzels in my drawer at the office.

I’m a firm believer in that everything, I mean everything is better with bacon.  Unfortunately, Dang had to prove me wrong.  I LOVE their toasted coconut chips, so when I saw the savory bacon, I bought a bag without a second thought.  I must say, I’m not a fan, but I encourage you to try it and prove me wrong!

I’m really looking forward to using my birthday gift certificate so I can finally replace my ice cream maker and blender.  I got them both as bride shower gifts many, many moons ago.  There’s a sweet potato ice cream recipe I really want to try.



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