Friday Things

Happy Birthday

I am one lucky lady.  I’ve been celebrating my birthday for a week now with my coworkers, family, and friends.  And I have one more big out planned this weekend!

I can say with confidence that I’ve eaten my weight in food and will be working out frantically over the next few weeks to burn off my gluttonous.  Still worth it!

It’s been raining here for almost 10 days straight, I aside from wanted to stay in bed all day every day, I’ve been thinking about comfort food and more importantly, this chili and corn waffle.

I’ve been savoring the cookie basket I received from a coworker, but it’s been very difficult not eating them all at once.  I know what I’m getting her in two weeks for her birthday…

As you may know, I’ve been sampling fried chicken sandwiches all over the city and now I’m in the mood to make one myself.  I tried a recipe from pies n thighs in NYC, and their chicken biscuits with honey butter is divine!

I promise to devote the rest of my weekend to baking as many treats as I with my rhubarb!





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