I’ve been celebrating my birthday all week, but for my actual birthday, I spent a quiet evening with Miles at Matchbox. We practically lived here when we first moved to the city but started branching out to other places over time. We were both starving and wanted pizza (which is amazing) since it had been a while, but we also wanted more. I suggested that we share a small pizza and still order dinner. Why not? Birthdays are for celebrating!

Pepperoni Pizza - Matchbox

We started with a simple pepperoni pizza. I say simple, but there’s nothing simple about this pizza. The crust is wonderfully thin and baked in a brick oven, and the pepperoni is plentiful with a little spicy kick. I could have easily eaten half the pizza, but I wanted to save room for my next course.

Lamb Sandwich

I moved on to the lamb sandwich. It was shaved lamb with fried artichokes and feta on grilled naan with chickpea fries and yogurt scallion sauce on the side. Omg, this was a divine sandwich. The lamb was tender and the feta and artichoke blended well. I thought the sandwich was the stand out until I tried the chickpea fries. They were slightly crispy on the outside and light and fluffy on the inside and went very well with the scallion yogurt. I wasn’t even sure if I could eat the entire sandwich, but then I blinked and my plate was clean! My only disappointment was that I didn’t have enough room for the fried brownie for dessert.

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