Woodward Table Food


I’m really making headway through my “ultimate fried chicken sandwich” list. I decided to start my birthday week a little early and treat myself to a delicious chicken sandwich. I was very lucky to find that Woodward Takeout Food (“WTF”) was close to the office. WTF is the casual sister restaurant to Woodward Table. The take-out cafe was adorable. Small without feeling cramped and I loved that the back area was exposed to the baking area, so you could always see what was going on.


I read about the Chick Chick which is a fried chicken breast with bacon, butter pickles, cranberry relish and mayo on a brioche bun. I only have one word to describe it, yum! At first, I wasn’t sure if I would like pickles and cranberries together, but it totally worked. All os the flavors worked well together and I was very happy that the bacon was crispy! Sometimes when you have bacon on a sandwich or a burger, the bacon a little on the wimpy and chewy side. If I had one criticism, it would be brining. I’m a big believer in brining my chicken because I think it adds just enough flavor to the chicken while also making it juicy. The exterior was wonderfully crunchy.


And how clever is that bag!

I wasn’t sure if I had room for dessert, but I was sitting next to a shelf of mini rice krispie treats, so there was no way I was leaving without one. I grabbed one that looked like it had fruity pebbles on it and another one that had pretzels and chocolate. As I waited in line to make my purchase I noticed a huge bacon chocolate chip cookie! Bacon!?! It was like the siren’s song calling to me. If you’re looking for a nice salty, sweet, chocolaty treat, get this cookie!

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