Friday Things

Martini and sidecar

I’ve finally arrived at the end of another long work week and looking forward to diving into a happy hour martini!

Getting ready to kick off my Mother’s day/birthday week by having breakfast with a dear friend on Saturday.

I’m going to leave this recipe laying for chocolate waffles sitting around for Miles to see in hopes that I might have this for Mother’s Day breakfast.

I’m hoping that the rain will stop sometime this weekend so I can finally get in the yard get it summer ready.  My rose bush is overgrown!  

I bought beautiful rhubarb from the market last week and still haven’t made anything with it!  I think I’ll make this rhubarb coffee cake and maybe a rhubarb layer cake or dumb cake with what’s left over.

Friday is usually pizza night from Miles’ favorite pizza shop H&Pizza.  It might be time to try a homemade alternative like this cast iron skillet pizza.  I’m always looking for reasons to break out the cast iron.



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