Friday Things

Friday Things 042916

This picture sums up my week this week.  I either had no lunch or a series of small snacks.  The only thing left that wasn’t 1000 calories at Au Bon Pain was a chickpea salad and hummus.

My friend and I have been talking about tater tots all week and are now starting to give into our cravings.

I thought I reached grilled cheese nirvana when I made a crab cake grilled cheese, but this lobster grilled cheese goes far and beyond.

I’m still debating on whether or not I should get tickets to see Kraftwerk (worth the google search) again for the third time in 14 months.  They’re starting to become my equivalent of The Grateful Dead or Phish.

It’s now rhubarb season and I’m seriously starting to think about baking these bars.  I’m always on the lookout for new ways to bake with rhubarb.

I have, have, have to make either a brownie in a skillet or chocolate chip cookie in a skillet.  I’m craving a warm cookie or brownie with ice cream and my Sander’s fudge (a Detroit classic!)

I need to make it my goal to fully understand and master Stumble Upon!





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