Friday Things

Pork Buns | Momofuku

I’ve had my third visit to Momofuku for lunch since February and the novelty hasn’t come close to wearing off yet.  The pork buns melted in my mouth and I hope to get dinner reservations soon.

Still dealing with the passing of Prince.  I watched his guitar solo from his induction to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame for the 10th time and it reinforces just how talented a musician he was.  Also, “When You Were Mine” is my favorite Prince song.

I saw that 7-11 made a cherry slurpy doughnut, so I think my weekend project will be to recreate it.

Miles has completed his first 10 days with Invisalign successfully and is excited that he gets to move on to the next tray.  He’s determined that after about 6 days, his braces smell like poop.

I never really had a desire to make popsicles until I saw this recipe for sweet tea popsicles.  Now I thinking about making a John Daly popsicles.

Speaking of alcohol, has anyone seen this article on making wine slushies?  Where have they been all my life?!?

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