Shake Shack

Originally, Shake Shack was on my “best places to go to for fried chicken sandwiches” list, but I ignored it.  I’m already a big fan of their burgers, and honestly, I didn’t want to get a chicken sandwich from a burger place.  But last week was a game changer.  The chef from Maketto (half restaurant, half coffee shop, half retail store) was bringing his fried chicken to Shake Shack for two weeks.  Finally, an opportunity to try the chicken I’ve heard so much about!  I’ve read many reviews about how great their fried chicken is, but as a descendant of two southern grandmothers, I’ve grown up around fried chicken and the thought of paying $26 for it didn’t make sense to me.  But I was willing to pay $6, so I stood in line with the rest of the crowd and waited patiently for my sandwich.

Shake Shack Peking Chicken

Omg this sandwich was awesome!  The hoisin, the fresh pickles, the crunch, divine.  There was even a little spice added to the batter that was just enough to let you know it was there, without being too hot.  I tried to savor it, but I’m sure I devoured it in seconds.  I refused to drink water afterwards because I wanted the flavor to linger in my mouth as long as possible.  Am I tempted to go to Maketto, for the full chicken dish?  I will have to say yes, but I still hear my grandmother’s saying no.  But I might have to go back to Shake Shack for another fix before it’s gone!

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