Friday Things

Maketto Capitol Hill

Since moving into the new building at work, I’ve developed a deeper relationship with the phrase “Thank God it’s Friday”.

I’m pretty sure I’ve experienced all four seasons in DC this past week.

These cheesy bolognese pies from simply delicious food are swoon-worthy.

Missing the school bus, having to drive your son to school, only to drive back home and walk a mile to the Metro on a Monday isn’t fun.

I have a friend who would kill for these rhubarb fritters from not without salt.

Miles started his 18-month relationship with Invisalign this week.  I don’t think he’s ever brushed his teeth this much.

Simply delicious food, you had me at bacon dippers.

Thinking about what I’m going to bake this weekend.  Maybe I’ll start with oatmeal waffles?

I really need these platform wedges from Anthropologie now!  Like I’m going to order them today 🙂 

Cannot wait to go to Shake Shack today to try the Crispy Peking Chicken by Erik Bruner-Yang from Maketto!


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