Stomping Ground

Every few weeks I hang out with a friend where we spend the entire day eating. Literally. We usually start out just trying one place, walk around exploring whatever neighborhood we’re in, and then eventually one of gets a craving for something and we end up eating again. The day usually ends with us eating donuts.  This past weekend, we went to four places!  And the second place we went to just about 30 minutes after brunch!

A couple of weeks ago, The Post published an article about the ultimate guide for the best fried chicken sandwiches in the DC area.  There were about 11 places on the list and I had already been to two.  Since my friend is a vegetarian, I had to pick a place with veggie-friendly options and found Stomping Ground in Del Ray.  This is a southern style café that specializes in biscuits. By the time we arrived, we were both starving, so I was happy that I already knew what I was getting.  It was called The Classic.  It was a twice fried chicken breast on a biscuit with pimento cheese and pickles.  I also ordered Gouda grits just because they sounded good.

Stomping Ground - Del Ray

I was not prepared for what was placed before me.  I imagined a chicken sandwich slightly larger than a slider, but what appeared before me was a biscuit sandwich as big as my head!  I just stared at it for a few seconds trying to decide the best way to eat it.  I had to go with the knife and fork.  Omg I can’t describe how good this sandwich was.  The chicken was very reminiscent of the fried chicken my grandmother made, the biscuit was buttery and flaky and the pimento cheese and pickles pulled everything together. 

Stomping Ground - Del Ray

I even drizzled honey and hot sauce on top.  I was in chicken-in-biscuit heaven.  Oh, and the grits were good too!

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