Logan Tavern

A coworker and I decided to venture outside of our usual “quick-service” lunch spots and treated ourselves to a sit-down lunch at Logan Tavern in the Logan Circle area.  Whenever I hear tavern, my nose automatically starts to wrinkle and my expectations dip.  “Taverns” are always a hit or miss.  As we waited for our table, I noticed brochures for a couple of other restaurants and discovered that the owners of  Logan Tavern also owned one of my favorite restaurants The Pig.  My faith and confidence slowly began to grow. 

As I glanced at the menu, my eyes were immediately drawn to the chorizo burger.  I love chorizo.  I love burgers.  What could possibly be better than this?  I took an extra couple of minutes to review the rest of the menu, but I kept coming back to the burger and knew I was going to have it.

Logan Tavern

This burger was everything I could have dreamed of and more.  The meat itself was a blend of beef and chorizo, topped with provolone, roasted red pepper mayo and a jalapeno relish (which I ordered on the side just in case it was too spicy).  This burger was delicious!!!  Juice from the burger dripped down my hands as I happily devoured the burger emptying the entire ramekin of jalapeno relish on what remained.

Logan Tavern

It’s only been two days since I went there for lunch and I’m still thinking about this burger.  I may have to take my parents while there are in town next week.

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