District Doughnuts and Maketto

After my lovely brunch at Songbyrd last week, I dragged my friend Harold to Anthropologie to have a security tag taken off a jacket I purchased weeks before. As we’re walking back to the car, he exclaims that he’s in the mood for a cupcake. Besides being shocked by wanting dessert just after having brunch and by the fact that I was stuffed from my bloody mary’s and pancakes, I began to think of worthwhile cupcakeries in the area, but came up with zilch. I did however think of a doughnut shop that I’d only been to once to grab a quick bite for Miles before heading out on the road.

District Doughnut Capitol Hill

I headed over to Capitol Hill to District Doughnuts. As usual, I bought one of every kind they had. This time, I had five doughnuts to choose from, but they talked me into buying six because it would be cheaper. There really wasn’t a place to sit and eat them, so I suggested that we head over to Maketto, my new favorite place to get coffee.

Maketto Capitol Hill

While Harold waited for our coffee order, I couldn’t resist taking a bite out of one of the doughnuts. I wasn’t even hungry until I saw the rounds of sugar covered dough in the box. This was just a plain glazed doughnut, but it was delicious. High, light, and not too sweet.

District Doughnut Capitol Hill

Actually, all of the doughnuts were pretty good other than the chocolate orange. I just never liked that combo. I do however, love having a great doughnut shop in the neighborhood!


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