202 Donuts and Coffee

202 Donuts and Coffee

202 Donuts & Coffee was another donut shop I found on a top 10 list, giving me the opportunity to 1) finally see Bethesda and 2) try another donut shop.  I picked up my friend and we headed north.  I think we passed this shop about three times as it was on a small side street and was very unassuming (which is not a bad thing).  We finally parked and went inside only to see two menus: one with coffee and donuts and another with burgers, hot dogs, and sandwiches.  It seems that this place started out as a sandwich shop called Bold Bite, but expanded into donuts.

202 Donuts and Coffee
I stepped up to the counter and as usual and bought every donut they offered and a flat white.  I’ve heard of the flat white, which I think is the latest in coffee drinks, but never quite understood what it was.  I drank it, enjoyed it, but still had no idea what it was.  I was like drinking a frothy latte.  But that’s not why we came here.  It’s time to sample the donuts!!!!

202 Donuts and Coffee

202 Donuts and Coffee

I have to say they were all pretty good.  My surprising favorite was the lemon meringue.  I’m not usually a fan of the pie, but in donut form, it was pretty fantastic.  The lemon curd filling wasn’t too tart and the topping was actually marshmallow.  All of the donuts we tried were yeast based and were dense, yet light and soft.  The only donut we struggled with a little was the peanut chocolate caramel.  The caramel was so chewy, it took over trying to have a bit of the donut.  The cinnamon sugar was a classic and apple cider crunch was like a fritter in donut form.

Fortunately, I was there early enough to enjoy such a variety, but I look forward to going again to sample more of their flavors!


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