Sugar Shack

I seem to be on the never ending quest for donuts these days.  They’ve replaced cupcakes, something I was obsessed with a few years ago.  Every time I see and article touting the best 10 donut shops in the city, I have to try all of them because I’m curious to see what makes one stand out over the other.

Sugar Shack

This time, I tried Sugar Shack in Alexandria.  The only problem with donut sampling is that you should get there as early as possible.  That’s when you’ll see the largest variety.  I arrived at Sugar Shack around 2 pm.  Typically, I purchase on of everything they sell and take one bite of everything. 

Sugar Shack

My selection options were one place cake glazed and two cake red velvet glazed.  I bought all three (Since red velvet is Miles’ favorite, I bought an extra for him).  I have to say that the donuts were pretty delicious.  The plain had just the right amount of vanilla and the red velvet was just like eating a handheld slice of cake without the cream cheese frosting.

I claim this visit a success and I will definitely make a trip back earlier in the day to sample more of their flavors!


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