Friday Things


I will admit, I’ve never been a big fan of Valentine’s Day. When I was younger, definitely! In class everyone would tape a brown lunch bag to their desk while each student dropped a little note inside. So not to hurt anyone’s feelings, everyone participated, but you could tell which guy liked you because he would write a special note, or tape Smarties to the card.

As I grew older, I found the whole thing to be a little corny until Miles came along. I looked forward to baking him special Valentine’s treats, making handwritten cards and watching him chose his own cards to hand out in class. But that special time only lasts for about 9 or 10 years. Now that he’s a teen, he’s basically over everything, so I’m not really allowed to make a big deal out of the day, so I won’t bake anything for him. But I will put a heart shaped lollipop underneath his pillow on Sunday 🙂

Here are just a few things that would make if I could. Valentine treats so fun to make!

How cute is this popcorn from gimme some oven?

It takes a steady hand, but these handwritten cupcakes from Martha Stewart are lovely.

heart rice krispie treat
You can never go wrong with a heart-shaped rice Krispies treats from miss renaissance.

And Miles’ favorite, red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting.

Have a great weekend and Happy Valentine’s Day!

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