Dumspter Rice Krispies Treats

Dumpster Rice Krispies Treats
Dumpster Rice Krispies Treats
Dumpster Rice Krispies Treats

For someone who bakes a lot, I don’t find myself eating many sweets. Sure I sample everything I make, but I rarely let it sit around the house. Ironically, the few times I do create something sweet, it’s when there’s nothing sweet anywhere around! Such was the case last night. Dinner was over and usually Miles and I have a Ritter Sport sitting in the refrigerator for a little after dinner treat, but unfortunately we finished that off days ago. I almost always have fixings for rice krispies treats because they are easy to make and satisfy my sweet tooth. But last night was different, I wanted something, sweet, yet salty and I needed a bit of chocolate.

I began making the treats and started looking in the cupboard for something else to add. Potato chips? Sure, that could be interesting. Reese’s Pieces? Never thought of it before, but peanut butter could be interesting too. M&M’s? Well, that’s a no-brainer. This had the makings of dumpster rice krispies treats. I mixed everything together and waited impatiently for the bars to set just long enough so I could cut them. I have to say this was a flavor explosion! Sweet, salty, chocolaty, everything I was looking for in a nice easy dessert/snack. My only thought would be to add a tiny bit of maldon or sea salt on top to cut through some of the sweetness.

[yumprint-recipe id=’212′]

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