I’ve always had a love/hate with Facebook. In the beginning with was nothing more than silly quizzes, drunken photos of your friends, and people from kindergarten sending you friend requests. Then it evolved into your parents joining and you thought about closing your account. Now, to me, it’s turned into something for the slightly older set like myself. A lady never tells her age, but let’s just say, I remember holding the tape recorder (without a radio) up to the stereo speaker to make mix tapes. And sitting in front of the TV at 1 am watching 120 minutes on MTV with my notepad in hand. It’s like a more social version of LinkedIn.

I will admit, that it has served a purpose of bringing me together with friends from my past. One of my childhood friends connected me with woman that lived down the street from me when I was growing up and now lives in nearby Maryland. Our careers overlapped a bit and he thought we should get in touch. And we did, sort of. We’re both into food, so every now and then she would IM me asking for restaurant recommendations for a date night or a good happy hour. Last week I helped her find a place for karaoke. It was her birthday weekend. Unfortunately, I couldn’t join her and her friends, but I suggested brunch the next day. She let me pick the place. I suggested Silo in Mount Vernon Triangle.

Silo - Mount Vernon Triangle

I’ve found the place by accident one day while driving through Chinatown. There was a lot of construction in the area and you could barely see the place, but it caught my eye. I made a note to go there and their brunch menu looked interesting. I started with the bottomless mimosas. I would usually have a bloody mary, but “bottomless” won out. We ordered the Drunken Donuts Bites to start.

Silo - Mount Vernon Triangle

The menu mentioned honey rum, but I didn’t notice the flavor. They were still pretty good. Then I moved on to the Biscuits and Gravy for my meal.

Silo - Mount Vernon Triangle

It was served with bacon and home fries on the side. Oh my! I was never one for biscuits and gravy, but lately, I’ve been ordering it when I go out. I think I’m slowly moving away from syrup since I don’t eat eggs. The gravy was thick and creamy with nice chunks of sausage. The biscuits were a little dry, but still flavorful and absorbed the gravy. The home fries were mixed with a little red and green pepper and were very tasty. I wasn’t blown away by the breakfast, but I was definitely full and satisfied. I did love the atmosphere and look forward to going back to sitting at the bar and try out the dinner menu!

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