Friday Things


At my old job, one of my coworkers would always make a fun super bowl dip in the shape of a football field every year.  It was awesome, olives for the helmets, celery and carrots for the bodies, slim jims for the goal posts, guacamole for the field, and queso and sour cream for the end fields, what more could you want?  Well for me, it would be having an interest in the super bowl.  I’m not anti-sports, but I have no idea who’s even playing this year. 

One thing I’m always jealous of is the amazing snacks that I see everyone make for their super bowl parties.  Sometimes I even go to the parties just for the food.  Actually, I only go for the food.  Now I sit here on the brink of super bowl weekend thinking of all the goodies I would make if I had a super bowl party.  Here are just a few ideas.


hot crab dip
Hot crab and salsa dip from striped spatula.


Waffled tater tot grilled cheese from real food by dad.  How awesome does that look?!?


These whiskey maple popcorn balls with bacon from monte nero would win over chips any day.  Did I mention bacon?


meatloaf sammy
The country cleaver dares you to not want this cranberry honey mustard meatloaf sandwich.


These toffee chocolate chip bars from taste better from scratch would make a nice sweet ending.


Have a great weekend and go….team!


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