La Fondita

I decided to spend the day hanging out with my friend Harold. It was going to be a day where we were just going to watch movies, listen to music and catch up. Twenty minutes after my arrival, I was starving (I skipped breakfast that day) and luckily he was hungry too. We both started sifting through Yelp looking for places in his neighborhood. We stumbled across a few local chains, and almost selected one, reluctantly, until I noticed a Mexican restaurant. Mexican, not El Salvadorian. Please understand, I’ve come to love a variety of foods, but after spending 12 years in Chicago, Mexican food has become one of my go-to favorites. It was like finding a unicorn, finding such a large array of places to choose from. My first choice was Taqueria La Placita just on looks alone. The roof was full of musicians, the building was orange and it looked like a place that you would never typically choose. That also means that you’re probably going to get some great authentic food.

Taqueria La Placita

We hopped in the car and headed to Hyattsville, MD. As we got closer to the restaurant, we saw cars lining up to park in the tiny parking lot and saw a line forming out the door. We were excited. When we finally stepped inside, we noticed that no one spoke English. This also excited us. The only problem was that Harold is a vegetarian and the only meat-free options for him was a side dish of cactus, elote (a delicious corn dish), or chips. Heartbroken, we walked out and began searching for another place. We wandered around the main strip for other Mexican options. We must have gone in at least five, and none of them seemed right. Either they were empty (which isn’t always a good sign, or the menu was too Americanized). Until we found La Fondita.

La Fondita1

La Fondita was about a five-minute drive off the strip and located in a tiny bungalow styled house. There were many cars in the tiny lot and more pulling in. Our excitement once again grew. When we stepped inside, we saw no more than six tables and noticed that everyone was wearing their coat. I couldn’t tell if it was because there wasn’t any heat, or because the main door was located in the middle of the room and every time someone entered, an artic breeze followed.

We found a table in the corner next to a window that had a tiny breeze coming through, so we kept our coats on. Immediately ordered an horchata, and stared at the variety of tacos on the menu. I ordered on a sope with black beans, cheese and avocado, an al pastor taco and a chorizo taco. All were delicious!!! I loved that the table came with a little condiment holder full of lime wedges, salsa verde, pickled peppers and hot sauce. I was in taco heaven. We were so hungry that after devouring our food we ordered guacamole and chips which were also very good. The guacamole had just the right amount of chunks.

La Fondita

La Fondita2

In addition to making Tauqeria La Placita my next visit, I will also definitely make a return trip to La Fondita!

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