Friday Things

Last weekend and earlier this week DC was taken over by Snowzilla.  I’m pretty sure cabin fever began to set in about two hours after it started snowing.  I was able to go out after the first round of snow to take pictures our street and my car which was slowly disappearing.  Mostly, Miles and I sat inside the house either playing, attacking small projects that I abandoned months ago, binging on shows that I needed to catch up on and mostly sitting by the fire drinking hot cocoa.  Ok, maybe mom had a hot toddy occasionally!  Here are a few cocoa recipes that I found inspiring.

The perfect adult hot chocolate from imma eat that.

A scrumptious sounding pb hot chocolate from nutmeg granny.

Who wouldn’t love a nice authentic Mexican hot chocolate from muy bueno cookbook.

french press drinking chocolate
The view form great island just gave me a new use for my French coffee press.

Live simply has the perfect recipe for classic hot chocolate mix.

And hot chocolate wouldn’t be the same without marshmallows from ashlee marie.

Have a great weekend!!!!

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