Friday Things


Another flight and another tear shed as I said goodbye to Miles as he boarded his flight to visit his dad for the holiday. No matter how old he gets, I think I’m still going to cry when I put him on a plane, although this year, I did wait until the jetway moved away from the plane before the waterworks started.

I spent Thanksgiving with my family friends, mac and cheese in tow and had a delicious, very filling dinner. Now begins the process of my daily trek to their house for thanksgiving leftover lunches, second dinner, and third-day snacks. Because I don’t make a thanksgiving dinner, I don’t have any leftovers to worry about and can at theirs! But I still think about different ways to serve leftovers after day two.

Below are a few inspirations I’ve found to try even the next day.

baked by rachel turned turkey and stuffing into a lovely white pizza.

Make yummy potato pancakes from just a taste with leftover mashed potatoes.

turkey grilled cheese
i’d totally make this roasted turkey grilled cheese with brie and cranberry sauce from heather cristo.

waffles and turkey
I love this spin on stuffing waffles with turkey from buzzfeed.

Have a great weekend!!

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