Friday Things

Office Pic

My office move has officially become a part of my life. I go to sleep, dream and wake up hours before my alarm thinking about the move. I’ve finally decided that today should be the day that I take down my frames, collect my books and take my plants home.

This week has been one of the longest weeks yet! Full of packing crates, making labels for the movers, staring at floor plans, donating objects to the museum and that was just the first half of the week! I always, Miles and I always look forward to Friday, because Friday is pizza night. However lately, pizza night has spilled into Tuesday, Thursday, or any other day where I have to work late. I can’t remember the last time I’ve eaten so much pepperoni. I’m starting to long for pizza that has more than just tomato sauce, cheese, and pepperoni that comes in a cardboard box from the only place that delivers.

Before drifting off to sleep, I found a few interesting pizza recipes that I can’t wait to try when this move is over.


french pizza
This french pizza with caramelized onion and olives from fork spoon knife makes me happy just looking at it.
The charred corn and rosemary grilled pizza with fresh moz and gorgonzola from foodie crush, seems light and refreshing.

bacon apple pizza
All of my favorite ingredients in one pizza from girl versus dough. Caramelized apple, bacon and blue cheese? Yum!

I never would have thought to put lemon on a pizza, but alexandra’s kitchen makes it work.

white lamb pizza
A white pizza with lamb and lots of garlic? Foodess, yes please!

Have a great weekend!

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