Friday Things

Grocery Shopping

I had to make my biannual run to Costco over the weekend to stock up on toilet paper and paper towel.  I’m always very careful not to get sucked into buying tons of wine, cereal, maple syrup, or socks that greet me when I walk in.  However, a very nice piece of wild steelhead salmon caught my eye and jumped into my cart.  Along with four pounds of bacon!  Don’t worry, I froze most of it.

Since Miles recently declared my salmon inedible (he doesn’t like that I season it with soy instead of salt), I thought I would attempt to win him over my experimenting with other salmon recipes instead of the simple roasted salmon with “too much soy” and mustard sauce on the side.  Here are few recipes that inspired me.  I hope Miles like one of these.  They all look delicious to me!


The salmon burgers from souvlaki for the soul will hopefully appeal to Miles’ love of burgers.

honey salmon
This honey salmon in foil from damn delicious looks damn delicious!

The maple bourbon glazed salmon from half baked harvest sounds lovely.

Bon appetit has a roast salmon recipe featuring one of my favorite ingredients, fennel!

The salmon chowder from epicurious seems both heart yet light.  I can’t wait to try it!


Have a great weekend!!




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