Friday Things

I can’t tell you how excited I was to see this los pollos hermanos apron in my son’s Loot Crate this month.  If you know don’t know the reference to the apron, it’s a restaurant from Breaking Bad where Walter Whyte would conduct business with the franchise owner.  Loot Crate is a subscription mail order service that sends you a comic book or pop reference box of treats every month.  My son was nice enough to let me have the apron.  I also think he was trying to send a message.

Now that he’s back I’ve been thinking about having a proper breakfast on the weekends.  I love trying out new pancake and waffle recipes, and I’m lucky to have a willing taste tester.  Here are a few recipes that are on my horizon.
Who wouldn’t want crispy bacon waffles with bourbon butter and blueberry syrup from how sweet it is?!? Ok, so maybe not bourbon syrup for my son, But I can still make the adult version for me 🙂

This cornmeal waffle from two peas and their pod sounds hearty and delicious. 

Gingerbread pancakes from crème de la crumb sound magical.  I can’t decide if they would be better with syrup of some sort of lemon sauce.  Maybe both!

I’ve been dying to try these Japanese hotcakes from fuji mama.  They’re supposed to be sweeter and fluffier than American pancakes.  Can’t wait to try them!

Southern hoecakes became a favorite in our house.  They remind me of the pancakes I grew up with when visiting my relatives down south.

Have a great weekend!!!

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