Friday Things


So I did a little DIY backyard project this week.  I live in a rental, but I have my own deck and backyard since I’m on the first floor.  After living with weeds for 4 years, I decided to kill all of the weeds and put down gravel.  With the help of a friend, were able to fill my yard with 3,000# of small pebbles.  When we finished, it looked like a cross between a zen garden and the beach.  I grabbed my picnic blanket, a cocktail and listened to a few tunes in my new yard.  I loved it!  I really made me want to go tot he beach, so I will be heading there this weekend.

It took me three days to recover from the heavy lifting and raking of the yard which left me very hungry and wanting to constantly shove food in my mouth.  Here are a few things I was thinking of.
This cheddar cornbread waffle with fried eggs and queso from how sweet it is.

Overnight Sourdough Coffee Scrolls 7
The overnight  sourdough coffee scroll just make my mouth water from milk and honey.

The sweet corn pasta with goat cheese from natrually ella sounds light and hearty at the same time.  And delicious!

The cuba mojo marinated pork from the food charlatan would be the perfect dish to christen my new yard.  I’ve barely used my grill, but now I want to grill all the time.

Have a great weekend!!!!

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