Public House


I met up with an old friend who suggested Public House, a relatively new bar in Ferndale.   The menu was  mostly only  appetizers and sliders.  



 It was a nice airy yet cozy bar with a great beer and spirit selection, and interesting cocktails.  As soon as I saw someone get a drink in a tiki glass, I immediately ordered one for myself.  It was basically a very sweet and fruity Long Island iced tea.  


 We decided to get the hush puppies with prosecution and classic sliders.  The hush puppies weren’t exactly what I expected.  I was thinking more Long John Silvers style with a little onion, but theses were just fried balls of cornbread that were good, but could use a little salt.  The prosciutto and honey butter helped.  



The sliders were great!  They had about 13 different varieties for a couple of bucks each.


 I could see myself coming here as a start to my evening, or making a night of it if I was going to stay for a few cocktails.


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