Friday Things

View of the gardens from the back of the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago.


This weekend I will be heading to the Midwest making stops in Detroit and Chicago!  Looking forward to seeing old friends and eating lots of good food.  I’ve posted some of my favorite things from this week to get me motivated.
I’ve been thinking about this biscuit and gravy recipe all week from Tasting Table.  I hope I get to try the recipe with my friends this weekend!

Coffee Butter?  I never would have thought of it, but I’m so glad Saveur discovered it and decided to share.  There are so many great uses for it!

Loaded tater tots
If you’re ever in DC or New York, go to Melt Shop and try the Loaded Tater Tots.  Melted cheese, bacon, jalapeno and parmesan?  Oh. My.  Temps de Manger will give you the run down.

Chocolate and peppers definitely go together and I’m so glad Peanut Butter & Peppers make it in cookie form.  Yum!

Have a great weekend!!

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