Friday Things

Hylian Shield Cake

It’s been another big week for me. I had my second tested recipe appear in The Washington Post, which was very exciting!

I’m also getting ready for my son’s birthday party this weekend. Each year he asks for a themed cake and by now I think each year he secretly tries to make them slightly more complicated.

This year his chose the Hylian shield. He’s a huge Legend of Zelda and Link fan. He was even Link for Halloween. I started baking the cake earlier in the week and last night I laid down the fondant foundation. Tonight, I have to clean all of the rough edges and paint the border silver. Wish me luck!

Since I’m going to be partying all weekend, here are a few recipes that have put me in the party mood.


Who wouldn’t want homemade liqueur that tasted like a creamy orange pop?  Instead of lemoncello, it’s orangecello from Tasting Table!

garlicbombs1 edit_0
I love garlic and Food Republic has turned it into a bomb.  Literally.  Deep fried little garlic bombs.  Maybe you’ll bring mints to this event 🙂

Funnel Cake Fries from Kevin & Amanda.  Do I need to say more?

If you have a little time on your hands, making gummy Lego would be a worthy adventure.  King of Random will show you how.

Have a great weekend!!

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