Friday Things

Cinco de Mayo is coming up and I’m looking forward to testing out new recipes this weekend. While researching recipes this week I became distracted by these delicious looking recipes. I must remain focused!!


Who wouldn’t want to have tiramisu waffles for breakfast?  Love and Olive Oil just combined dessert and breakfast.  Genius!

I really want to sink my teeth into this Sticky Caramel-Pecan Babka from The Kitchn.

There’s so many things to love about this chicken bacon spinach grilled cheese from Nutmeg Nanny.  I’ll start with my love of bacon.

Oh, toasted marshmallow Nutella sandwich cookies from Broma Bakery, how much do I love thee?  Let me count the ways!

elote mac n cheese
Spoon Fork Bacon, did you say Elote Mac and Cheese.  This recipe is like finding a unicorn!

Mustard and white wine braised chicken from Saveur, I must have you!

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