Confetti Sugar Cookies

m&m confetti sugar cookies4
m&m confetti sugar cookies1
m&m confetti sugar cookies

Last month I made an M&M birthday cake for my friends’ 7 yr old.  I bought two 42oz bags of M&M’s and didn’t even finish one bag.  I even had to open the second bag because I was running out of one color in particular.

That bag of candy sat in my cupboard mocking me for weeks.  I was tempted to just eat them, but instead I began scouring the web for recipes using M&M’s when this one caught my eye. I made three desserts using M&M’s and I will share the first one with you now.

It was like funfetti cookies only with M&M’s instead of sprinkles. The crushed candy shells looked more like confetti.  I loved the idea!  I used my favorite sugar cookie recipe and tossed in the crushed candy.  The cookies turned out great!  I loved the hints of chocolate that came with every bite and the sugar coating from the candy played the role of sprinkles.  I thought they might be too sugary, but they were just fine.

Now I have another idea for left over Halloween candy!

Confetti Sugar Cookies

  • Your favorite sugar cookie recipe
  • 8 oz (about 1 cup) M&M’s crushed
  1. Stir the crushed M&M’s into the cookie batter. Using a medium ice cream scoop (about 2 tablespoons), drop the cookie dough onto your baking pan. Bake according to your recipe. Enjoy!

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