Copycat Co.

I’ve lived near H Street for a while now and can’t believe how many bars and restaurants have popped up!  Before I only went walking on H when I was too lazy to venture out, but I’ve finally started taking advantage of my neighborhood as a destination.

I rekindled my love by going to Copycat Co.  It’s a place with two personalities.  Enter through the right door and you will see a small establishment with a little counter for sitting in the window a counter where you can purchase bao’s, pot stickers and skewers.

Enter the left door and walk up the stairs and you will fine a small dark quaint craft cocktail bar complete with goldfish crackers and slim jims.  There’s lots of bourbon and any other liqueur or bitter you can think of.  It’s one of my new favorite bars.




Behind the bar is a chalk board with a with a line that goes from bitter to sweet.  Along the line are tick marks that sprout branches describing cocktails.  Some sound fantastic, others a little strange (who wants a cocktail full of bitters?)

When you’re hungry, you can order up a little nosh from downstairs.  How convenient!


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  1. ohhh, I think it was a veggie or beef. I have to admit that I miss Wow Bao in Chicago πŸ™‚

  2. What kind of bao is that??? Looks good!

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