Friday Things

This is my view right now and I can’t wait until lunch.  Doesn’t it look like a scene from Office Space?  I’m getting ready for the weekend and say goodbye to Miles as he heads off to see his dad for Spring Break.  While I will enjoy the week off, I’m going to miss him, so in the meantime I’ll start daydreaming of the recipes I’ve discovered this week and share them with you.


Ham Plate-photo credit Jay Denham
I need to get to Kentucky. Stat.


Mint frosting
I really want these Chocolate Cupcakes with Fresh Mint from Not Without Salt.  The flecks of fresh mint look gorgeous in the frosting.


Homemade bread with bacon that I don’t have to knead from My Name is Yeh?  Oh my.


These blueberry buttermilk cookies from Savory Simple are little rounds of perfection.


Spoon fork bacon donut glaze
The doughnut glazes are so pretty from Spoon Fork Bacon!


This Carrot Cake from Baker Chick looks so awesome and how cool is that garnish?!?


food52_07-25-11-172 2
I want these waffles from @Food52 bad.  Really bad.


I never thought of making a Berry Cobbler in a slow cooker.  But Chef in Training has.  I’m so glad.  It looks great!

I hope you have a great weekend!!

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  1. Absolutely. I think we should be able to eat whatever we want, but in moderation πŸ™‚

  2. Is this really healthy for regular uses ?

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