Gloria’s Pupuseria

I’ve decided that Pupusas are my new food obsession, so when I decided to leave work early the other day, I called my friend to see if he’d like to join me. He said yes a little too quickly. He was looking for a little break away from visiting holiday relatives. Who isn’t? We all love our family’s, but it’s nice to have a time out every now and then.


I left the office, picked him up and “Yelped” (by the way I love that in 2014 we can turn anything into a verb), pupusas and settled on Gloria’s Pupuseria in Columbia Heights. From the outside it looked like a little family owned place and when we walked inside I was right. It was like walking into someone’s family gathering mid meal. Spanish music was blaring from the jukebox. There was a table with a large family, kids running around and a telenovela playing on the tv mounted on the wall. I loved it! Ok, I didn’t love the music so much, but only because it was super loud.

We sat down and looked at the pictures on the wall trying to decide what to order. Menus were brought to us a moment later.   We ordered pork and cheese pupusas, a tamale, plantains a beer and horchata. I can’t resist horchata when I see it on the menu.

I noticed that the horchata tasted exactly the same as the one I had at Judy restaurant. It had a hint of almond flavor. I’m now wondering  if it’s regional addition because I’m in an El Salvadorian and not a Mexican place. I’m going to have to research horchata’s soon.



The pupusas were oozing with cheese and the pork was tender and flavorful. I have to admit, I liked this place better than the first. I didn’t try the tamale, but the plantains were good. I usually like them cut a little thinner and crispier, but they were still very good and my good old friend sour cream made his appearance, so I was a happy girl.

This only fuels my enthusiasm to try forge ahead and try another place.

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