Union Market

Today Miles left for Wisconsin to spend the holiday with his father and grandparents.  I’ve been ok with him flying solo for a while now (sort of), but I hate saying goodbye to him.  It’s been at least eight solo flights by now and I’ve cried throughout all of them.  People always look at me strangely as I walk through the airport with a tear streaked face, but I’ve learned to ignore them.

Today I was in luck.  There was another mother who was sending off her five year old son and daughter who coincidentally were on Miles’ flight and were all sitting together.  We cried together as we watched our children being led off by the flight crew to the plane.

But enough of my depression of sending my child off on a plane.  I always have a plan b.  It’s always been a goal to have an activity planned the first day of Miles’ travel to allow me to adjust.  Today I was going to have a “geek” day with  my friend where we sit together and work on our computers.  Me on the blog, and he on his “what ever coding thing that I don’t understand” activity.

At my urging we’re spending the day at Union Market on Capitol Hill.  It’s one of my new favorite places. We took about 20 minutes walking around trying to decided what to eat and where we were going to sit.  It was so crowded!  It took us a while to find a table, but we were lucky enough to find a table with a wall outlet.  We got ourselves settled and made pilgrimages for food.  My friend settled on DC Empanadas and I on Takorean, a Korean BBQ taco place.  Let’s start with the tacos.  It was my first time, so I asked for recommendations.  I ordered a beef and chicken taco, but there were about four “slaws” to choose from and I didn’t know what to pick.  I deferred to the “chef” and he gave me one chicken taco with a napa romaine slaw and a steak taco with a kimchi slaw.  I can’t even say which was my favorite.  They were both my favorite.  The blend of Korean spices with the corn tortilla were fantastic.


My friend who chose DC Empanada, went with the buffalo chicken with blue cheese empanada.  Now I know this doesn’t sound very authentic, but it was equally delicious.  The buffalo sauce was spicy, with just enough tingle on the tongue. 


We decided to top our snack off with a little wine from Cordial Fine Wine & Spirits.   The staff was very friendly and picked out a nice Petit Sirah and Crinanza for us.

Christmas won’t officially begin for me until December 29th when my parents bring Miles home, but I have to say that I’ve started off my week without him with a nice distraction.

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