Piggyback Tavern

Not sure how long they’ve been there but sometime this year I noticed Piggyback Tavern just off Madison St in the west Chicago suburb of Forest Park. A coworker who lives in the area has previously mentioned the place so I figured why not go for a late lunch?? Or is 4PM considered an early dinner even when you haven’t eaten lunch yet? Things to ponder…

Either way, the menu was interesting, with a lot of traditional BBQ items and some not so traditional items, such as tacos. We ended up trying the chili cheese fries, which were pretty decent…

piggyback tavern (2)

…along with a smoqed pork taco and a fried catfish taco along with collard greens (seasoned really well) and macaroni and cheese.

piggyback tavern (3)

Look at that cheese. It was some of the gooey-est, richest mac and cheese I’ve had in a while. If anyone ever had the boxed government cheese growing up, I would swear this was it, in its fanciest form served tableside. By far the best part of the meal.

piggyback tavern (1)

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  1. Tacos with greens and mac and cheese? Such a crazy combo? Sounds awesome!

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