Old Recipes

One of my favorite people in the office just turned 90 years old the other day.  We had a party at the office in her honor.  She’s like my office “bff”.  Her office is just outside of where I sit, so we tend to chat a lot.  I call her my office “best friend forever” because despite our difference in age, we have a lot in common.  We talk about fashion, traveling, our families and baking (she kind of reminds me of my grandmother). When she was younger she cooked and baked quite a bit.  We like to compare notes on how we store recipes and baking methods.  She always shares fun food articles and recipes that she comes across and some of her old cookbooks that she thinks I would like. The other day we were chatting about how my mother would laminate old recipes that she found that belonged to her mother; recipes found from newspapers and magazines, or  handwritten and typed originals.  My friend would do the same, although there were still a few drawers (!) of recipes that she was still sorting through.  After our recent discussion on hoe cakes and her Fanny Farmer cookbook, she brought in a small collection of recipes that she thought I might like to try. I love anything old, so my eyes lit up just looking at the yellowing newspaper clippings and recipes that were actually typed and not printed from a laser printer (she still uses a typewriter in the office by the way).  I saw recipes for buttermilk pie, german chocolate cake, carrot cake and an “easy ” tiramisu, just to name a few.  I’m thinking about baking my way through these clippings over the next few weeks and bring the treats into the office for her to sample.

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