My Kitsch-en

I’m not sure if I should start with an apology for the pictures, or to say that this is my ode to Julia Child (definitely pictures, you’ll see when you scroll down).  I recently transferred all of my photos to Google +, or as I say, “Google + or: How I  Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Cloud” (for you Dr. Strangelove fans).  Last night I was scrolling through and reminiscing  through old photos, when I saw pictures of my kitchen from the apartment in Chicago in 2009.  How I loved my little Julia Child wall! I’ve seen  her pegboard kitchen in person at the Smithsonian, but forgot all about it until I saw the movie Julie & Julia.  There was an empty space between my cabinet and doorway that I wanted to fill, but couldn’t think of anything to put in the space.  When I saw the pegboard wall in the movie, I knew I wanted to recreate a version of it for my own kitchen.  It’s such a simple idea.  Very practical, but also very visually striking and modern.  I hope to have another kitchen someday that will allow me to have another pegboard wall. 






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