Lebanese Taverna

As a thank you for helping out one of the assistants in the office, her boss bought us lunch.  Sweet!  When I heard it was coming from Lebanese Taverna, I just about lost it.  Hmmm chicken shawarma.  We ordered it to go, but I volunteered to go pick  up because I’ve never been there and I was dying to check out the place.  I lost a little excitement when I saw the empty restaurant at 12:30 in the afternoon.  I decided that it was like going to a Chinese restaurant.  Everyone always orders take out and no one dines in.

Anyway, I got back to the office and sat down with my fatayer trio: cheese, spinach and beef/lamb pastries, and chicken shawarma sandwich.  I ate as if was my first meal in years.  So. Very. Yummy.  If you love garlicky foods, you’ll love this shawarma.  It’s almost as good as Bucharest in Detroit.  (Seriously, if you’re ver in Detroit, go to Bucharest.  (Without your date.  Because of the garlic).  I’m sorry that I ate so much though, because I have to get ready for the Friday Social.  I have about 1 1/2 hours to make room for sweets.



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  1. My brother loooves Bucharest! LOL

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