Cozy Drive In


I was driving with a friend from South Bend, IN to St. Louis for a wedding.  Not the prettiest of drives, but after a while the cornfields become hypnotic and beautiful.

Springfield, IL is the home of Cozy Dog, the birthplace of the corn dog, or as they say “hot dog on a stick”.  I actually went there once before, but it was closed and I was super bummed.  Four years later I had my chance, this time hoping they would  be open.  I pulled in the parking lot at 10am, a little early for a hotdog, but they were open and had the deep fryer ready.

I have to be honest.  This was not the best corn dog. The hot dog itself was somehow soft and the cornbread was a little too oily, but I loved it and scarfed it down anyway. Corn dogs are one of my favorite fried foods and I felt like I was eating a piece of history.

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  1. Amigo#3 says:

    Good thing I am no where near this place. Although I am due for a road trip soon.

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