Irish Car Bomb Ding Dongs


**I apologize for the re-post!  I switched my blog to a self hosting site and had a few hitches.

I really wanted to make something sweet for St. Patrick’s Day, but was unsure of what to do. Everyone was making stout cupcakes with Bailey’s buttercream, but I wanted something a little different. Irish Car Bomb Ding Dongs! It was perfect. There were three opportunities to add booze to a recipe. The idea was to add stout to the cake, Bailey’s to the cream filling, and Irish Whiskey to the outside chocolate layer.

I have a bucket of pate a glacier that I use as dipping chocolate, but I wasn’t sure about adding alcohol (I thought that it might change the structure of the chocolate), so I called the company to find out. It seems that adding alcohol will affect the chocolate, so I decided to add the whiskey to the cake batter with the stout.



The cake was delicious, but I would’ve added more whiskey. Instead of a traditional buttercream for the filling, I decided to make a marshmallow cream frosting instead substituting Bailey’s for milk; quite a bit of Bailey’s.


The tricky part to filling the ‘dongs, is trying to figure out how much is actually going inside the cake. Unlike donuts, which are lighter, there’s less pressure needed to squeeze the piping bag, so you have a sense of how much filling is actually going inside. With cake being much more dense, more pressure is needed, and you really don’t have a sense of how much filling is going inside until it starts to creep out on the other end. It’s not a big deal, you just kind of re-insert the tip a few times at different angles inserting small amounts every time, just to be sure.


Dipping the ‘dongs is another matter entirely. The first 12 I dipped, I placed on a wire rack. As the chocolate started to set, it fused with the rack, and as a result, I lost the bottoms to a few. I was able to rescue the others and re-dip the bottoms. The next batch, I placed on parchment paper, and trimmed off any excess chocolate that remained after the chocolate set. It wasn’t perfect, but it didn’t matter because they were delicious. I shared them with friends over dinner consisting of Irish lamb stew, roasted cabbage and lots of Guinness.

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