Busy Baking


Hello All!!  First I’d like to say thanks so much for following me!  Blogging has been such an interesting experience.


Right now I’m going to need your patience.  This is the beginning of my busy season for edith + ethel (working on a Squarespace site as I type), my cookie business.  At the moment, I only bake during the holiday season for few corporate clients, but they keep me very busy between the middle of November and the middle of December, leaving me very little time for “fun” baking.

If I am able to squeeze something in, I will definitely post. Or I may use this time to post a little food geekery. A friend has actually challenged me to bake a Cherpumple (I’ve never heard of it before) during Thanksgiving weekend.  I looked and sounded so gross that I’m determined to find the time to make it.

I will definitely be back before Christmas, so in the meantime, have a great holiday season and please don’t forget about me!


Neruotic Baker


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